FIT 'N' FINE had started with the sole ambition of spreading happiness & wellness in common people's life by MR. SUNIL KUMAR JAIN , and his confidence become the success story OF THE Company. Weight loss treatment & therapeutic super natural Beauty treatment centers in KOLKATA & SILIGURI with the experienced professional and specialists including Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Dermatologist & Beauticians. Since its inception, "FNF" has changed the lives of people by serving them for a fit and healthy body and creating awareness to offers unlimited freedom for a carefree expression of your Body, with the use of Advanced Technology of the Prize of Desired Results In "NO TIME"

Our Mission

We dedicated ourselves to our valuable customers for their HEALTHY BODY, MIND & SOUL. We always try to exceed customer’s expectations, resulting in customer DELIGHT. We also try to gain customers loyalty through individual recognition, anticipation of need and efficient services.

Botox Treatment

It's time for you to retire

Like an annoying boss, wrinkles get in your face and suggest that perhaps it's time for you to retire. Put your smoothest, most capable face forward with today's deal for 6 or 15 units of Botox at Fit ‘N’ Fine!